Government projects

1.Fashion / textiles /design

Design and fashion is very important element in human life and it has not left anything untouched till date.        Government has launched many projects based on these sections where trainers are paid by government and the trainees are provided free classes and resources.
2.Entrepreneurship Development Programmes: EDP

Employment is very crucial point when it comes to youths. Lot of us sit complaining about unemployment rather than finding solutions of employment opportunities. So, the concern is of self employment and creation of employment opportunities for others as well.
3.Project making
Every business may it be small may it be big, needs project to be financed , so one must know all the technicalities for project making.
4.Private projects
All the companies require professional trainers to train their labors and workers to make them highly skilled for increasing their productivity.
Lot of big companies are in the list.
5.Awareness projects
Awareness is a word which is very important for growth and development of a nation. We believe in a developed nation rather a developing one. We believe in creating awareness among people ,students for their career through seminars guidance classes which lead them to prepare about their career.