We don’t mend you. We mend your thoughts and your attitude towards your life is changed.

  • 12 million jobs are to be created in fashion and textile sector till 2015.
  • This is the only field that provides job opportunities along with Glamour, Name and Fame.
  • Never underestimate yourself. You are made for this field and the world is yours.
  • It is a field of creativity. Human beings are only species who can create anything new.
  • Creativity within everyone, so it is a career opportunity for every type of personality.
  • No one in this world can teach you design, it is within you. What one need is practical mentors with young minds who can mend your thoughts and lead you to right path according to recent(contemporary) requirements.

What do one require to prepare for NIFT, NID, FDDI, CEED  and others?
The answer is DEZINE QUEST.

  1. A TEAM which gets funding directly from Alumni, which helps serious students with low resources to pursue their dream.
  2. A team which never believes in fooling students on name on scholarships and discounts because we are experts in multi skills training programmes which makes us earn handsome salaries and livelihood.
  3. Guidance for us is never a lucrative business which loots students and design Aspirants.
  4. We are real TEAM of NIFTIANS and NIDians and other professionals from center of excellence.
  5. We are present in the class for full time because we are professional trainers. (Other hires NIFTians and NIDians on part time basis because NIFTians and NIDians never go for full time coaching being a professional. They become seasonal and holiday faculties.
  6. It is a commonsense that how can one institute hire a list of NIDians and NIFTians for just coaching? How can they be paid again a money making issue for cheaters.
  7. We are designers and managers not artists. Artists are never been introduced to the design field so how can anyone train aspirants with being introduced to design.
  8. We  teach design  not art because art makes artists and design makes designers.
  9. We never talk about all the results as they are many. One should not waste his/her time checking lists but should meet toppers online and take proper guidance.
  10. We provide contact details of all our toppers and facebook links. We don’t believe in hiding our students.
  11. We build up relation ships which ends up lifetime which helps everyone in future. It becomes a mutual sharing of resources. This is the only reason why our students will talk to you even they are in best colleges.
  12. We input right attitude in students for life.
  13. We never believe in convincing students unnecessarily rather than we focus on serious students.
  14. We are not only here to guide till the entrance, we introduce you to every aspects of life of designers before you become a design students.
  15. We train you practically with outdoors, indoors and many technical inputs.
  16. We provide international exposures with our equipped infrastructure.

See how we are different

• From design fans to the profession’s leading practitioners, DQ members come from all backgrounds (NIFT & NID), all fields, and all levels of experience.
• The goal of DQ is to get the student involved in the design community and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.

• DQ will be only as strong as the commitment, energy and generous contribution of designers’ time, ingenuity.