A Design Olympiad first time ever in Indian history!
Olympiad as a concept is widely spread in the fields of science, mathematics and other subjects leaving Design untouched.

A young team of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) and NID (National Institute of Design, India) alumni has envisioned this platform starting from district-level, moving through states to reach out deciphering nation’s only team of school students best in creative abilities (design, art craft, creative ideas/surroundings). A group of fertile creative minds who want to do something different in life, something which has never been done.

All the selected candidates shall be taken forward for all these platforms creating self motivated Design Aspirants to form The first National TEAM of school students in the field of Design and connected fields.
Reality shows, design events, design awards, design competition, design club, design magazines, design diaries, Preparation  for Design as Career ,Prefer design as  a long term career.