Design Workshop 2016

Design in today’s era has become the vital part of living. Consumers are increasingly focusing on the Design of the products be it a pen, mobile, car, chair, toothbrush or any other product. Design toady has become the key consideration for any buyer. For example, earlier the buyer before buying a toothbrush just used to buy it without thinking about any feature or design. But now-a-days before buying a toothbrush, a buyer think about the bristles and the toothbrush designed. Since, consumers now look for creatively designed. Since, consumers now look for creatively designed products, the design industry is in a constant need of qualified designers in the fields of fashion, product design, visual communication, interiors, architectures, animations, etc.
Therefore,Dezine quest,A Design Research Centre are in aim to arouse awareness for design and give each young designer a platform to excel in his/her field. The field whose place is still lacking behind as a profession.
To this need of awareness, Dezine Quest is bringing a design workshop named ‘DESIGN WORKSHOP 2016’ aiming to make design easy at school level. The workshop is basically based on designing which supports a social event ‘Wear A Cause’ initiative by Design Olympiad and Kilkari .The students participating in the workshop will be taught basics of designing and learn to make non-wearable dresses through waste materials. We are opening the workshop with an open competition on ‘Lets Color Our World’. The students selected in the competition will be allowed to attend the workshop conducted in your school premises by Dezine Quest.

WORKSHOP_pamphlet 2