While an aspiring student looks for a coaching, ze(he/she) wants the best of the lot. True! why not you’re capable, and ought to have the best. Imagine you have all raw materials but no equipment, and plates, to satiate your hunger for the best food. Therefore if you are looking for the best of the faculties, the best environment, to finally step into the prestigious designing institutes of India, here you are.
Dezine Quest(DQ) provides you environs, which is an educational hub, DQ has an ambient, friendly environment, where you will not only develop your skills, also witness an alter in your personality.
DQ, a designing institute that prepares aspirants for the most reputable fashion institutions in India are NIFT, NID, UCEED, B.ARCH, NATA.
Therefore it is not a cake walk for the mavens to go for it, they themselves work hard, harder, hardest to meet all the ends to shape you, and place you under the roofs of your dreams; NIFT, NID, UCEED, B.ARCH, NATA.
Think about it, how cool \~~/ you teens, will be to know and quench all your thirst and satiate your hunger about the colleges before stepping into them, an opportunity that is not provided to anybody just like that!
Here your faculties will be from NIFT itself, i.e. NIFTbyNIFTIANS.
Today, India ranks second, in the world population graph/survey, in a crowd of 132.42 crores’ population, who does not want to look, different. Not only different YOU want to be THE “XYZ”.
Be the best version of you, and become the role models, whom the world follows.