When we talk of designing..

Design is everywhere these days. It gets attached to anything, it seems. It’s a way of distinguishing commodity from considered craftsmanship. Look around a bit and you’ll find many kinds of endeavours — service design, business design, product design, experience design, industrial design, circuit design, finance design, research design — that have had design stitched onto design with a simple hyphen.

Design allows you to use your imagination and creativity explicitly. Think as a designer thinks. Be different and think different. Make new, unexpected things come to life. Tell new stories. Reveal new experiences, new social practices, or that reflect upon today to contemplate innovative, new, habit – able futures. Toss out the bland, routine, “proprietary” processes. Take some new assumptions for a walk. Try on a different set of specifications, goals and principles.

When something is “designed” it suggests that there is some thoughtful exploration going on. Assuming design is about linking the imagination to its material form, when design is attached to something, like business or finance, we can take that to mean that there is some ambition to move beyond the existing ways of doing things, toward something that adheres to different principles and practices. Things get done differently somehow, or with a spirit that means to transcend merely following pre-defined steps. Design seems to be a notice that says there is some purposeful reflection and consideration going on expressed as the thoughtful, imaginative and mate – rial craft work activities of a designer