1.Difference between Art and Design

 Design is not just good drawing. A designer need not always be a good in drawing or an artist. If u doesn’t excel in drawing it’s no big problem. A designer is a person who has observation and a good sense of imagination to create new design. An artist can create a flower whereas a designer would use this flower on any product to create an excellent design. Hence choose if you want to be an artist or a designer. Remember both are very different field and you are going to learn designing.

2.How to prepare

With focused and expert guidance, cracking the entrance exam of the premier design colleges of India is not rocket science. These entrance exams just test your observation and creativity. You don’t have to be exceptionally brilliant in academics. If you have a unique way to look at things, an open mind…then add a creative twist to your observation and see the result. Entrance exam of design colleges mostly test you in your creative abilities (not your Art skill) and general abilities. Creative questions in these exams try to test the students on their unconventional and unique way of thinking.

3.Why Dezine Quest

DQ has the largest number of design professionals to guide the design aspirants in India. They all are from NIFT, NID, IIT, IIM and defence background. In DQ we push the child to a certain level where they are forced to think differently and have a different approach to a simple problem. And the classroom program in DQ is designed to help the students do preparation within the specific time frame of the competitive exam. Every student has a creative bend of mind and DQ guides them to utilize it in proper way at proper time to clear the exams and come out with flying colours.

4.Choosing the right institute

Gather the detailed information about institutes from prospectus, social media sites, website and other sources with comb brush details. If you don’t have any design professional around you then go to Facebook group pages of respective institute and interact with its member. Ask them about programme and infrastructure. Ask them about quality of placement instead of quantity of placement. Never give priority to the place where institute is situated. Give priority to better and right institute.

5.Choosing the right course

Choose a course which u would always enjoy. Ask yourself and analyse what you really want to do in future. If you see yourself enjoying styling and like to be well dressed or make people well dressed then you could be a good fashion designer. If you like graphics, advertisements, photography etc then u could be a good concept and graphic designer. You have to relate your area of interest with its future prospect. Talk to those persons who are already passed out or pursuing the design course. Learning from someone with experience of same field always gives better idea about things which you would not have even thought of.

6.Scope of design career

People have not much awareness about this field as a career. They are not sure about its future prospects. Still design is among the most glamorous and highly paid choice of career among students today. The appeal and lavishness of the words fashion and design beckon immense inclination as professions. Future in fashion and design is a highest lucrative one. It’s a challenging field where you have to be keeping yourself updated about contemporary fashion, textile, graphic and culture. And believe us it’s a field where u work with fun.

7.Ability for being a good designer

In this era everybody wants to be fashionable and fashion needs design, whether it is clothing or product. Students who aspire to become a designer need to have few qualities. One should be creative and should be able to think out of the box. Adaptability and team work is very important. Apart from being knowledgeable one needs to be smart and spontaneous. The design industry demands enthusiastic professionals rather than great scholars. Design is a very subjective field and there is a lot of freedom but one should know how to make better use of it. And remember conventional trick doesn’t work here.