A lot of students face problem in selecting the best design coaching. Before searching, there is a keen requirement for students to know how to differentiate between different coaching across the country. Typically, the process followed by many coaching center is not in context with designing. They are more focused on improving art and craft. Yes its starts with nothing but with a blank canvas, to sketching, rendering, creating prototype but the coaching center should be appropriate to solve the design thinking ability in the student. There is no doubt that students are creative and artistic and full of new innovation. But it’s really important for them to understand the right difference between an artist and designer. Being artistic is creating/ representing artwork but a designer work is more problem solving. To become a professional design student you need to be eager to dive into design and be sure to get best design education. So the people that can guide you are the one who are linked with such institutions like NIFT and NID. So join a coaching where you find a team of professionals from best colleges. Yes, qualified Designers & Architects from prestigious institutes such as NID, NIFT, IIT & SPA will be the best to guide you achieve your goals.