Vocabulary! A must important factor for all Niftians

Yes you are thinking right; we are talking about fluent English. From the entrance exam till your whole profession our international language is must. Each of GAT exams tests your English language skills. We know that everyone is this world are not inclined to learn every language equally. Learning language comes with years of interest and practice. One has to develop an interest in polishing your English speaking skills. DQ works with you to support your efforts to pick up English skills as you aspire to clear the entrance to these professional courses. We suggest you to devote focused 30 to 45 minutes every day to reading. Include books, journals, and periodicals as well to your daily reading list.

For the one who are already good with English and want to enhance your skills should learn a new word every day and try to use in in your day routine. So each day one word and in a week it is 7; in a month 30 and then in a year you will have bundle of new words in your dictionary. So start it today and you will surly feel the change.