Why is a fashion college, the coolest place to study in?

Design colleges like NIFT and NID have beautiful architecture to see. Fashion colleges are always buzzing with happening activities & other design work shops, body painting, fashion shows. The work we do is more hands-on and less theory like pattern making, garment construction. In a fashion college, the students don’t mind mess…. they like to get their hands dirty with all that stationary and work. Fashion colleges don’t have conservative dress code norms. You might have heard tales about crazy dress code norms like anything sleeveless, t-shirts etc. being banned in other Indian colleges… it’s the last thing to happen in a fashion college. a pair of shorts? mini skirt? denims? t-shirts? shirt? vest? blazer? well.. you can wear it all and nobody stops you. Students make stylish clothes and wear what they create. In a fashion college, most students are part time models too. This is the place that has better junior-senior relationship. Fashion colleges have relatively small crowd and almost everybody in the department know each other. Juniors and seniors co-exist in harmony, with lesser attitude issues helping each other with their work, which is mostly unseen in other colleges.