Director’s Message

Grab the opportunity and join in! Your designer dreams await!

If you’re eager to dive into design, be sure to get on the First design education at a right place. Step forward and Grab amazing opportunity to study at Dezine Quest. As we are a team of NIFTians and NIDans ; so we better understand the design sensibility and provide you excellence and innovation proactively catalyzing growth for students towards professional education .

A lot of students face problems with design sensibility. There is no doubt they are creative and artistic and full of new innovation. But its really important for them to understand the right difference between an artist and designer. We at Dezine Quest put all qualitative efforts for students to achieve a good design sensibility and sharpening their skills to the fullest.

There is a keen requirement for students to know how to represent their ideas. It is an unavoidable fact that there will always be time factor; that’s not going to stop.

We at Dezine Quest provide study material and classes on time and prove our students to value time and to come out of the best within the time period provided to the student. We create an environment, where the students is inspired to do more and put full effort into delivering the design. We also provide them interaction session with the students presently studying in NIFT and NID. This practice helps in knowing the present scenario and provides a path in becoming a truly high-demand designer.